Willow Tree is part of their story and mine

Willow Tree is part of their story and mine

There are days when I miss our store more than you can imagine. I long for the smells and sights that make up a Country Primitive Gift Store. The colors, textures, tastes and smells were so warm and comforting.

I miss our customers (well…..most of them); they became part of our life and we were part of theirs. At one point we had 5 generations of one family that frequented our store.

How cool is that?!?!?

Country Junction Oneonta

This was taken in our store, Country Junction in Oneonta New York

I knew all of these people by their favorite colors for curtains and their go to candle fragrance. I was blessed to be there to comfort them when they came in to purchase a sympathy card. I took great joy in helping their children wrap presents secretly while Mom shopped. What an amazing adventure our store was.

One of the best stories I have is about a young couple who shopped in our store when they were just dating. We carried a line from Demdaco called Willow Tree, you may have seen them. They have the look of handcarved wood, in soft pastel colors.

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Willow Tree Promise Dirtroadesigns.com

Willow Tree Promise

The couple was always friendly, but quiet; at first I didn’t take a lot of notice to them. The man came in one day alone to purchase a piece of Willow Tree. Before I could gift wrap it for him he asked to borrow a marker and took a moment to write on the bottom of his new purchase. Back in the
box the figurine went and I never gave it much thought. Months after the woman came in alone to make her purchase of Willow Tree; it was the week she was to be married. She told the staff that he had asked her to marry him with that piece of Willow Tree. Again she asked for a marker to write on her gift for him. Back and forth they went purchasing many more pieces for Christmas and birthdays, etc.


After several years the now wife came in one morning to purchase one of the pregnant31bx4DAyRaL._AC_US160_
26252-WillowTree-Home-frontMama pieces to tell him they were expecting, we  were all
ecstatic for them. I was
very lucky to be in the store the day after their baby girl was born, the proud Daddy stopped on his way into the hospital to pick up a piece for his wife and new daughter.

I never really knew this couple however I feel like they are part of my story and I like to think that we were part of theirs.



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