Welcome to the Dirt Road Zoo, Bunny!

New stray baby

New stray baby

As I write this post I am in the middle of a full blown allergy attack; my guess is the newest zoo member’s food is what has spurred this on. I mentioned in last week’s post we have a new house guest, a rabbit!
The darn thing was wandering around our back yard last weekend. I went out with carrots and spinach to coax “him” closer, so I could catch “him.”
(God, I hope he is a he! It would be God’s ever present sense of humor that would bestow up me a pregnant bunny)
So here I am sitting, freezing in the snow bank and close enough to pet the darn thing, and the boy come out to start his car.

Now let me explain a little bit about the boy:
~He is 20
~In college
~Wants to be an engineer, same kid he was at 3 years old: “Wants to build big things!”
~Has a wonderful girlfriend
~Has himself convinced he has complete control over his future
(Hahaha, Look back at my comment on God’s sense of humor)
~and sometimes……….. I think he is a bigger pain in the ass at 20 than he was at 3!

Now that I have told you a bit about The Boy you can understand. I can’t tell you how many times The Husband has told him “start the car and let it warm up before you go.” Well that morning it finally sunk in, out he comes clambering out of the door and scares the rabbit away. In his defense he didn’t know I was right there or how close I was to catching it.

Now I should also explain the entire house was in chaos that morning, it was The Girl’s 18th Birthday! We were scheduled to be leaving within minutes to follow The Boy half way back to college, where we would spend the afternoon together and then he would continue on the rest of the way. Now if you have kids there is no need for me to tell you he had not packed a thing to go back after being home on break for a week, so that was going on. In addition there were birthday presents to open, a shower yet to be taken, hair undone, my soaking wet pants from the snowbank and on and on it goes!
By the time presents were opened (all a success this year, woohoo!) and we were all headed out the door I was in tears: “I feeeeeel sooooooo baaaaad for the buuuuunny!!!!!!” (Clearly that time of the month)

The Husband is way too practical when it comes to these things, “It’s a rabbit, it will be fine.” Unsure whether to cry harder or divorce him, I get in the PATHFINDER, mostly because I don’t want to disappoint The Girl. So we leave the bunny to fend for himself, for now.

Alright friends I have to admit to you our destination, this is where I get….. Drumroll please…………. MOTHER OF THE YEAR! (I use this term mockingly)

So off we go to the, wait for it, Casino! See why I get the MOTY award?!?!? She is 18, what else can we do? Take her to buy cigarettes? Well hell, for my 18th Birthday I got a pregnancy test, we won’t get into that right now 🙂  Since that isn’t an issue or anything close to it; I’d say we are doing pretty well here!

None of us are real gamblers, just thought it was a destination on the way back for The Boy, besides it’s a really cool building. Those Indians sure know how to decorate!

Collectively the four of us spent $43 gambling, had an awesome lunch, spent time together and then parted our separate ways. Of course I was in tears again. (I cry every time)

Forward on ahead to home, The Girl goes out the back door loaded with carrots, spinach and an old towel. She comes back in with a beautiful multi-colored, severely dehydrated rabbit. And that my friends is how I ended up with a terrible allergy attack and another damn animal.

We are Blessed

  • Dirtroadesigns

    Thanks, Nancy! Want a rabbit?!?!?!? : )

  • nancy

    LOVE THIS!!! I soo can relate

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