The Story Of Us

The Story of Us
The story of Us on wall - Copy 2 600I am so excited about our latest project, simply because it features the most important days in my life! Our first date, our wedding, and the birth of both of the kids.


I was sitting at my desk designing when I looked up to see these precious pictures, ooohhhhhh where has the time gone?

The girl - Copy2 600          The boys - Copy 2 600


I’ll never forget the first time The First Kid got to meet The Second Kid. The First was Two and a half and sooo excited to meet the new baby. He was extremely proud of the baby booties he had picked out for his new baby. First Kid  brought them to the hospital and kissed the new baby  on the head, he then told the nurse “This is my wittle sitter.” Awwwwwww


This led me to thinking about of the important days in our family story. The result is The Story of Us line of signs. Kinda a cool way to showcase these memorable days right on your wall for everyone to see.

I sent pictures of the Our Story to both kids at college; they both actually loved them! I was expecting the usual reaction: “Nice Mom.”  I actually received several complimentary messages from both kids, can you believe it?!?!?! Must be onto something!


I hope your family likes them as much as we do!

Treasure the moments,

Xoxo ~The Queenthe story of us on wall 2 - Copy 600

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