Painter’s Drop Cloth Curtain

Painter’s Drop Cloth Wonky Star Curtain


It is August already, a fact that does not make me happy for several reasons. The biggest reason is both kids will go back to college soon. Though they weren’t around much this summer there was still a chance of seeing them; I really kinda like them.

Once they go back to school The Husband and I are left with an empty nest again, a fact that is wonderful and awful all at the same time.

drop cloth curtain with wonky stars

Here is our finished Drop Cloth Curtain ready to block out the evening sun

The second reason and reason for this post is it is nearing the end of summer. A sad fact since I love to be outside; our back deck is one of my favorite places. By this time of year the sun has shifted to where it absolutely cooks the deck to a point that it is miserable to sit out there especially to try to eat lunch and dinner. The heat is unbearable and the sun is directly in your eyes by dinner time. As we sat there last week eating our grilled chicken and squinting at each other we came up with a plan.

“A curtain. we need a curtain!”

That is where the idea for the Painter’s Drop Cloth Curtain came from.

drop cloth 12 x 15

Canvas painter’s Drop Cloth. We used the 8 ounce weight since is was less expensive yet still had the look we were going for.

We needed a large inexpensive cloth that is durable enough to stand up to being left outside; painter’s drop cloths are perfect! I thought I might have to tea dye the cloth once we got it home however these arrived in the perfect shade of ivory, bonus!

I’ve already told you: Not only am I a lazy crafter, I am also terribly impatient!

affiliate disclosure 2

Here is what you need for the Painter’s Drop Cloth Curtain:

~Painter’s Drop Cloth ( I know surprise right, Heehee) This isn’t exactly the one we used but any painter’s drop cloth should work.

~7/16″ eyelet grommets (this pack even comes with the setter!)

~Grommet Setter


~Cans of spray paint -I used 2 can of this paint

~Stencil of choice

~Grosgrain Ribbon

~Possibly thread if you have to alter the size of your curtain

I used spray paint (again I am lazy) however you can use traditional craft paint if you prefer

~Craft Paint ( this is our favorite for everything from wood to cloth)

~Assorted Paint brushes if painting by hand

How to make a Painter’s Drop Cloth Curtain with Wonky Stars

Over all this project took me about 5 hours, most of which was spent painting. You can skip the painting and save yourself hours of work.

~Measuring for your curtain:

-Calculate the size of the opening you wish to cover, double your width measurement to get the approximate size of the painter’s drop cloth you will need to order.

-When measuring for curtain width you measure the width of your window or opening and double the measurement. This is especially true when measuring for traditional curtains. You can be a bit more liberal with your measurements on a project like this; it will allow you to maybe cheat and possibly not have to sew a seam if you can find a drop cloth close to what you need.

~Before any sewing project always wash your fabric according to manufacturer’s directions.

However if you are lazy like me wash the drop cloth exactly as you will be washing it in the future, it will save disappointment  later. Seriously who needs directions ?!?!

cutting the painters drop cloth

Any painter’s tarp we found was too long so it had to be measured and trimmed by my faithful assistant The Second Kid.

cutting the painters drop cloth 2

Trim your fabric as needed to fit your opening.

sewing painters drop cloth curtain

I had to sew a straight seam for my curtain. I simply folded the edge over  a 1/2″ and then over again and just machine sewed it. I used a zig-zag stitch to ensure strength and give the curtain texture

~Measuring for grommets:

     -Basically you want to end up with a grommet every 6″

     -You will need to do a little “mathing” to get your grommets to line up symmetrically; it is OK to shift your grommets a bit in order to get them to lay right. It is preferable to have a smaller span than one larger.

     -Your first and last grommet holes should be 1 1/2″ in from the side as well as 1 1/2″ down from the top

     -The in between grommet holes should be placed 1 1/2″ down from the top of your drop cloth.

measuring for our painter's tarp curtain

Measuring an 1 1/2″ down from top for the grommets to be inserted

~Time to use the grommet setter! (little things make me so happy, just a DIY nerd)

     -Grommet setters all work a little different, please refer to your package for specifics.

     -Basically you want to cut a small X where the center of your grommet will be. (unless your setter cuts holes as well)

     -Slide your bottom up through the hole from the back side.

     -Set your top down over the bottom from the front side.

     -Place both pieces with fabric between on base of grommet setter

     -Set top of grommet setter over all of the pieces

    -Wack the crap outta it until your grommets are set!

how to insert grommets

Cutting an X for grommets

grommet holes in painters drop cloth 3

Bottom and Top of grommet

grommet holes in painters drop cloth 4

Ignore the X! LoL, be sure to measure correctly unlike somebody!

grommet holes in painters drop cloth 2

Finished grommet, I love how professional and finished these look!

~Inexpensive Stencil

-For easy stencils, ones with little detail,  I always cut them myself.

-I have found using pre-made For Sale Signs are an easy and inexpensive option for stencil material

Inexpensive DIY stencil for wonky star

Cheap DIY Stencil, score marks to show where the star will be cut out.

stencil for wonky star 2

Wonky Star Stencil, ready to use!


painters drop cloth stenciled 2

We are currently in love with Rust-oleum spray paint. Nutmeg is such a beautiful color!

painters cloth curtain 3

Painter's drop cloth wonky star curtain

Spray lighter in some areas and darker in others to create interest. Don’t worry about the over spray; we will take care of that later.

Painter's drop cloth curtain

I love it like this but wait ’til you see the last couple of steps!

back porch curtain 2

painters drop cloth stenciled

Spray circles around the stars to clean up the over spray. If you make a mistake make it part of the pattern, no worries!

Painter's drop cloth curtain

Mist paint around the edge of your painter’s tarp for bold border.

grograin ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is perfect for the ties for this curtain. Simple cut the ribbon to length at an angle to keep ribbon from fraying.

Painter's drop cloth curtain

Finished Curtain, up and ready!

Painter's drop cloth wonky star curtain

We cut an extra length of ribbon to use as a tie back for when we aren’t out there, otherwise it blocks my view out the kitchen window during the glamorous task of washing dishes, lol

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Have a joyful day!

~The Queen


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