Making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon The Easy Way

A quick lesson on making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon The Easy Way

Making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon the easy way

Finished pile of Rag Ribbon cut to size

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Supplies needed to make Rag Ribbon:

~ Homespun gingham material something like this

~ Scissors (These are our favorite)

That’s all!

Here is what you do to make Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon:

~ Lay your fabric out flat to inspect it well. Are there any weird edges (like the fabric is doubled over)? If so you want to trim them off.

~ This next part takes a little trial and error as all fabrics rip differently:

Making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon the easy way

The “Handle” is shown on the left side of the photo

– Find the longest edge of your fabric; we are going to try to rip your fabric along this edge as it will give you the longest continuous piece.

– Measure in 1/2″ from edge and cut an approximately 2″ slit parallel with the long side of the fabric. This will give you a little “handle”

– Grab the little “handle” in one hand, grab the rest of the fabric in your other hand and pull away from each other. If this rips well -in a straight line -into a 1/2″ strip the length of your fabric -this is the side your will continue ripping from.

*If not switch to the shorter side of the fabric and repeat process from above: 2″ slit parallel with short side 1/2″ in from edge.

making rag ribbon Dirt Road Designs

Different fabrics rip differently, some may need to be cut wider to lay flat

When it is all said and done you will end up 1/2″ fabric strips of rag which have that fantastic frayed edge we all want. Experiment with different fabrics, some will rip well, some won’t.

Use your Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon everywhere; from home decor projects to gift wrapping!

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