Makin’ Pip Berries Pop

Makin' Pip Berries Pop

We are going to make your Pip Berries Pop!

Pip berries before

Found this sad mess just hangin’ out in the Second Kid’s room. The horror!

Pip Berries are a lot like women, give us a little attention and we will bloom back to life!

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Pip Berries before

She is looking a little tired. Wearing “Mom Jeans” a little too often, no makeup; we’ve all been there……….

Start untangling your pip berries

First you have to untangle your Pip Berries and pull them out straight in bunches. Come on honey; stand up straight, boobs out,  wipe the oreos off your pretty face!

pip berries standing straight out

Keep coaxing all the bunches to stand straight out.

"Smooosh" the pip berries

Now it’s time to start “Smoooshing” your berries. Like we would scrunch our big 80’s hair! Bust out the Aqua Net girl!

smoooshed pip berries

“Smoooshed” Pip Berries!

Bend the tail over itself

Now you have to get rid of this crazy tail, just bend it over itself….

hid the end in the pip berries

….and stuff it into the Pip Berry strand

pip berries all fixed up

Sooooo much better! She is ready to rock this joint!

Before Pip Berries

Before: Resting Bitch Face

pip berries all fixed up

After: Bold and Smiling!


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