As soon as it’s warm enough you have to get this!

As soon as it’s warm enough you have to get this!

Spirea! As soon as the weather is warm enough to plant where you are you have to get some!17

Why? Because it’s super inexpensive, easy to care for, comes back every year, takes a ton of abuse! For a really lazy gardener like me it’s perfect.

Spirea is like a best friend…..

She knows what a screw up I am and yet she always covers for me!

She knows how lazy I am and will still put on the show for the neighbors for my benefit!


My original plants came from my favorite neighbor. She showed up one day with an armful and said “Here, it’s easy!” That day, I knew that Spirea and I would be great friends.

Well heck, how could I say no?

I had the same label in High School, us easy girls gotta stick together!

The instructions I received were “just plant it wherever you want it;” no percentage of shade instructions, no recommended acidity levels, no need to ask it’s favorite color. Don’t even have to bring her a beer, Perfect!

That was probably 10 years ago and I have yet to kill one plant! I have split the original plants dozens of times. Like I’ve said before I’m super lazy and impatient so it amazing any plant has a prayer around here. I commit gardening sins like ripping a plant out in the middle of the summer on a 90 Degree day because I’m sick of looking at it. I grab it and stuff it in another hole elsewhere and hope for the best. If it dies at least I don’t have to look at it where it was before!


Here are my instructions for Spirea:

~Buy your plants

~They grow from virtually nothing so divide them up to go farther if money is an issue. In two years you will never know the difference.

~Stuff them in the ground wherever you need them. They fill in so nicely and grow between 2 and 6 feet tall so they cover a million sins.

~Water and forget

~If you need some for a project just dig up one of your established plants and split it, simple!

~Every couple of years in the Fall or Spring they need to be hacked back to keep them full. Just grab hedge clippers or shears and go to work. Gather up handfuls and chop or just buzz them. I aim to have rounded shrubs but you can straighten and flatten them if you like. Again I am super lazy about this, I really don’t like formal so keep that in mind as you trim. Mine grow to about 3 feet tall so I cut them back to 1 foot tall15




If you neglect your spirea for too long like 4 or 5 years, she won’t be your friend! Things like this will grow in the middle and look terrible:

We use them everywhere:

*As hedgerows

*To hide the fuel oil fill

*Out by the road to cut down on noise and dust, hardy enough to stand the road salt in Upstate New York

*Cover the mailbox post

*Near the dog run, dogs haven’t destroyed them

*Next to the swing set to fill in around the playhouse, kids can’t hurt them

*In rocky patches where nothing else will grow

*In the sun

*In the shade

*In the tight places where the mower won’t fit.


Spirea is easy, she will go anywhere, heehee!

We all need friends like spirea, that is why you need to run out and get some as soon you can!



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