DIY Farmhouse Table

farmhouse table DIY from Dirt Road Designs

DIY Farmhouse Table

Who doesn’t love a Farmhouse Table?

For better or worse we have never had need of a farmhouse table. For a family of 4 it was just never necessary. There are times I wish we had more children than two, especially now with the kids spreading their wings and taking off for other parts of the country. While I write this The Second Kid is packing to go clear across the country and leave me here in an empty house!

WTH?!?! I’m the one that needs a vacation!

As I look back to years ago when this week was the beginning of summer vacation I can clearly see why we only had two! I have a vivid memory of both kids standing back to back  in the middle of the kitchen both sobbing and mad. They were being awful to each other, in a way that only a sibling can, so they needed to be disciplined.

“Stand back to back until you can be nice to each other!”

Dirt Road Designs farmhouse table pic

You are the worst Mother EVER!

It always worked because I was then the common enemy. WOOHOO! Who cares if they hate me as long as they are not trying to kill each other, lol!

The Husband tells stories about his  Aunt, “Big Bad Bev.” She and her husband had 6 children. Now that is a family that needed a farmhouse table. 6 children!!!How do you discipline 6 kids?

Stand Back to Back to Back to Back to ….oh never mind

The Husband tells horror stories about the amount of milk their family would consume. In order to cut down on trips to the store (can you imagine taking 6 kids anywhere) Aunt Bev even put in a commercial milk dispenser. Remember the ones with the big heavy metal handle?

farmhouse table DIY from Dirt Road Designs

An example of a farmhouse table

At any rate the reason for this post is to show you the post I found from She has a fantastic tutorial on making a Farmhouse Table, complete with a cut list and diagrams!

Click here to go to for complete directions!

Her table turned out so beautiful it makes me think maybe we need a farmhouse table just for the two of us!

Dirt Road Designs Holding Hands

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