FTC regulations require I post this on our site………OK here is the deal….. big girl panties hiked up and ready:

Some things I write about on here I am compensated for. Clearly I am not great at a real job so this is the perfect way for me to make a little money without having to commit a crime.  It is probably best for all of us if I work from home, remember: “The Queen does not play well with others”


Free Goodies: Sometimes companies want to give me free stuff; hey, cool! I try really hard to play well with others and give it away to readers. If for some reason, I am a brat and keep it, I will confess the truth.


I will tell you right now: If a company gives me a brand new STAND MIXER or one of those ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANERS it will simply rot for you the reader because I am not sharing, plain and simple.  I know, I know…. sorry. Please refer to the prior statement: “The Queen does not play well with others.” You have been warned!

(The above was a “subtle” hint, so if you are one of those companies that has one of those amazing treasures to give me I am so willing to accept. Just in case…you know…you were wondering or anything)


If I write about something I am totally in love with but do not tell you it was a freebie, then it wasn’t. I just like my goodies and want you to know about them, strange right?


Affiliate Marketing: Another great way to keep me from working in the public at large! We will always list our affiliates as well as mark their link as an affiliate marketer. How this works is we have a relationship with many companies that suit our lifestyle, if you shop from them through our link we make a little bit of money from it. Kinda like we are introducing you to the company, because it’s a product we really like and use, and this is how they say thank you.

Sponsored Content: Again we will tell you all about it, no secrets. It’s the messy part of being in a family. If you are part of the Dirt Road Designs Family I will tell you everything……I mean everything…… Like right now as I am typing this I am wearing my favorite pair of Levi’s…….I mean FAVORITE…….wellllllll……this morning…….in a very tragic turn of events…………they split…..in the crotch…….today will have to be our last day together : (


Product Reviews: God only knows why anyone would want my opinion but if they do, you will know about it. I will tell you if I am being compensated in any way for the review.


I hope this clears things up, if not give us a shout and I will try to come up with something brilliant to say to you.


~The Queen and Family

By the way…..The Queen thing….I must be Queen it says so on my pantyhose!

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