Crazy Girls and a Primitive Country Home

Crazy Girls and a Primitive Country Home

Over the years of many venues and creative outlets I have had the honor of calling the “Crazy Girls” my customers. They shopped with me in my tiny primitive country store in the middle of nowhere all the way to our last retail store in our town’s very busy shopping district.

Their visit to any of the stores was an adventure all on it’s own. Ever in search of the perfect pieces to accent her country home, “D” was constantly looking for treasure.  “S,” I believe was simple the “getaway driver;” she spent more time telling me stories of their escapades than shopping. I say “getaway driver” because I always had the feeling some sort of authority would be would be showing up soon; the constable, a husband to take away the credit card, the troopers? They are just that type, trouble and adventure always find them! (I have to admit I’m jealous)

While “D” shopped “S” would always tell me of their latest adventure:

*Like the time they went on vacation and “D” died or so “S” thought.

*The time they went to lunch and the restaurant owner locked them in the dining room and proceeded to go into the kitchen and have it out with the cook. “S” says

“I thought we were dead……. or he was going to hit us…or we were going to have to cook!”

*The time they rescued a plastic garden gnome and took him out dancing for the night (maybe that wasn’t them…could it have been me?……nah!!!!!)

garden gnome

The “Crazy Girls” showed up at the store years ago with this little guy, he sits right above my computer helping me write.

The “Crazy Girls” came to see us the other day to order some signs. We were very calmly drinking coffee chatting about our families and what we were up to. I made the mistake of telling them about the blog and how we plan on featuring different homes, stores, etc.

Before I knew what hit me I was being whisked away in the back seat of car no bigger then my a*&.

 “S” is a cute little tiny thing no bigger than my left thigh, so the car is perfect for her, me~not so much!

Now I’ve known these girls for 10+ years but I do not REALLY know them, you know, like enough to be going to the middle of nowhere with. I’ve lived this area all my life and never have I been to the places they took me, talk about in the country ~WOW!

If I had the sense the good Lord gave a chicken I should have been nervous but I wasn’t : )

It was so cool to be able to see the goodies I sold over the years being put to use. To be hanging in someone’s home amongst their family photos, it’s really an honor to be part of their life.

Here are some of the treasures I found while being held captive:

primitive shutter mounted onto bathtub

Love this idea! “D” took an old shutter and mounted it onto her bath tub. A really nice way to add texture in the bathroom.

country drying rack in the bathroom

An old fashioned drying rack, I want one!


Every Country kitchen needs a hutch stuff full!

vintage country primitive table

Look what was inside this vintage table. I love that “D” left the old newspaper in the drawer.

kitchen table cut down to make a coffee table

“D” found this table in a local country store. She had the guys there cut the legs off to make a coffee table

chipping paint on table

Love the chippy paint, nothin’ beats the real thing!

wrought iron lamp

Every living room needs some wrought iron

easter eggs in primitive tray

Big funky Easter eggs in a prim tray



wooden shelf with pineapple

Wooden shelves full of treasure!

wrought iron barn star

Wrought Iron Barn Star, remind me to tell you where they originated

tiny wrought iron lamp

These tiny lamps are so precious, they actually came from our store originally!

Wooden mantle

Check out the mantle, it was a $15 lawn sale find. WooHoo!

scratched wooden farmhouse floor

This wooden floor tells a story, animals, kids, toys, a family lived and loved here

wrought iron lamp with pip berries

Check out the Pip Berries! The perfect touch to soften the wrought iron lamp


Need some help with your Pip Berries?

Click the pic above for some help lovin’ your Berries

star clock, galvanized, primitive, country and farmhouse accents

The galvanized clock adds another texture to this room. You can never have enough stars!

Primitive wooden house

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I painted this about 10 years ago and had forgotten all about it.

Country style candles in the window Funky angel Crazy Girl 21 Crazy Girl 22
I still love geese in a primitive country home
angel chalk board Crazy Girl 29


The perfect setting for a Country Primitive Home


Thanks for the adventure “Crazy Girls,” I had a blast!

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