Making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon The Easy Way

Making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon The Easy Way

A quick lesson on making Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon The Easy Way Supplies needed to make Rag Ribbon: ~ Homespun gingham material something like this ~ Scissors (These are our favorite) That’s all! Here is what you do to make Frayed Edge Rag Ribbon: ~ Lay your fabric out flat to inspect it well. Are […]

Painter’s Drop Cloth Curtain

Painter’s Drop Cloth Wonky Star Curtain   It is August already, a fact that does not make me happy for several reasons. The biggest reason is both kids will go back to college soon. Though they weren’t around much this summer there was still a chance of seeing them; I really kinda like them. Once […]

Top 12 Country Home Decor finds from Park Designs

Top 12 Country Home Decor finds from Park Designs Did you know in my last life I had this wonderful Home Decor and Gift Store? It was a blast (most of the time); I had the best staff you could ask for. For a bunch of women we got along incredibly well. I don’t think […]

Willow Tree is part of their story and mine

Willow Tree is part of their story and mine There are days when I miss our store more than you can imagine. I long for the smells and sights that make up a Country Primitive Gift Store. The colors, textures, tastes and smells were so warm and comforting. I miss our customers (well…..most of them); […]

DIY Farmhouse Table

farmhouse table DIY from Dirt Road Designs

DIY Farmhouse Table Who doesn’t love a Farmhouse Table? For better or worse we have never had need of a farmhouse table. For a family of 4 it was just never necessary. There are times I wish we had more children than two, especially now with the kids spreading their wings and taking off for other […]

Country Guest Bathroom Makeover Part Two

Country Guest Bathroom Makeover Part Two When I left you in the last post the bathroom was in shambles; it had been mostly gutted. If you missed that post click here to go back and read Country Guest  Bathroom Makeover Part One I find it hard to understand how one room under construction can make a […]

Country Living Fair Road Trip

Country Living Fair Road Trip

Country Living Fair Road Trip We had a absolutely fantastic time Friday at the Country Living Show! The Husband, The Second Kid and I went downstate for the day. It’s a two hour trip but so worth the time. If we didn’t have the dreaded garage sale to run on Saturday I would have gladly […]

Where do Barn Stars come from?

Where do Barn Stars come from?

Great question, Where Do Barn Stars come from?   During the 18th and 19th century house building was way more difficult than it is today. You simply couldn’t run to Home Depot or Lowe’s to pick up eighteen 12′ 2×4’s at 8:00 at night (along with a 4 pack of peanut butter cups- don’t judge […]

Crazy Girls and a Primitive Country Home

Crazy Girls and a Primitive Country Home Over the years of many venues and creative outlets I have had the honor of calling the “Crazy Girls” my customers. They shopped with me in my tiny primitive country store in the middle of nowhere all the way to our last retail store in our town’s very busy shopping […]

Makin’ Pip Berries Pop

Makin' Pip Berries Pop

We are going to make your Pip Berries Pop! Pip Berries are a lot like women, give us a little attention and we will bloom back to life!  

Country Primitive Chalk Painted Lamp Makeover

Finished chalk painted lamp

Ok, so I had this really weird thing happen to my lamp, it’s like it got chicken “pops” (that’s what The First Kid called them) or something, weird right? I love, love, love this little lamp so I had to give her some love with our homemade chalk paint recipe. I was so excited to be using homemade […]

Farmhouse Style Washroom Sign

Here are just a few of the steps it took to make the Farmhouse Style Washroom Sign we put up in the guest bathroom after the remodel Crawled through the old woodpile to find this beautiful old piece of junk, check out the moss we had to scrape off.  I hated to do so; I […]

What does vinegar have to do with wallpaper?

What does Vinegar have to do with Wallpaper? Here is a super easy DIY on wallpaper removal. Thankfully it will even work with reallllly old wallpaper.   When we bought our “starter home” the kitchen was covered in red wallpaper top to bottom!!! As if red is not bad enough, it had the pattern of […]

The Story Of Us

The Story Of Us

The Story of Us I am so excited about our latest project, simply because it features the most important days in my life! Our first date, our wedding, and the birth of both of the kids.   I was sitting at my desk designing when I looked up to see these precious pictures, ooohhhhhh where […]

Dirt Road Designs Brown Paper Flooring Project

Brown Paper Bag Flooring Anyone who knows me, knows how crazy I am about the color Kraft. (Is it a color? As the Queen I say it is, so it must be!) Quite often I wrap presents in Kraft paper with a plain bow. There is something so simple and beautiful about Kraft paper. Shhhhhhhhhhh……Here […]

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