21 Country Farmhouse Check Designs

We searched and searched to find all

21 of these beautiful Country Farmhouse Check Designs

They are almost pretty enough to make paying bills not rot!


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Country Farmhouse style checks rustic star

Rustic Star Checks from Check Advantage $13.95

I like checks, I admit it.

I know, I know I must be old; sad but true! When they see me write a check my kids say great things like:

” Really?!?!” “Just pay online!” “Mom, this is dumb”

I like to kindly remind them that for the last 15 plus years checks have been the currency that has provided all of those crazy little things like groceries and internet and acting camp and cable TV and lacrosse camp and more groceries and more lacrosse camps, shall I continue?!?!?

With those reminders suddenly I am not so dumb : ) Amazing how quickly attitudes can change, lol.

As you know we have been searching endlessly for great Country Farmhouse styled items. I am so excited to be working with Check Advantage and to be able to show you the really great designs we have found.


Country Décor Side Tear Checks 21 Country Farmhouse Check Designs

Country Décor Side Tear Checks from Check Advantage $14.95

I am always a little nervous when ordering anything like checks from a new place. The cool folks at Check Advantage ensure me of their track record; they can proudly say that since 2001, more than 99% of their orders arrived on time, and 99.9% were error-free!

Warren Kimble Checks 21 Country Farmhouse Check Designs

Warren Kimble Cat Checks $17.95 from Check Advantage

I thought this was a pretty impressive record, enough to want to order my next checks from them. I know how hard it is to find Country Farmhouse style checks; in fact my last set of checks were just the boring blue ones.

Yes, I was pouting! If I can’t find just the right ones then I won’t pick any, ~Boo!

To answer your questions:
~Yes I am a brat
~and Yes, I do know it
If you have any questions about that fact just ask The Husband, he can confirm completely!

I hope this is a help in your search for all things Country Farmhouse style. Talk soon!

~The Queen

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Have a joyful day!


21 Country Farmhouse Check Designs:

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